Danny and the Human Zoo is beginning to pick up steam in preparation for its release later this year. A semi-autobiographical account of Lenny Henry’s teenage years in 1970s Dudley, the comedy drama follows Danny as he tries to balance his working class Jamaican roots with newfound success on the comedy circuit.

Written by and starring Henry himself, as well as Richard Wilson, Arthur Darvill and Harry Potter alumni Oliver Phelps and Evanna Lynch, it’s a proper star-studded cast, and one that’s definitely going to make a splash when it hits screens.

As you can imagine, being a proud black family in the 70s wasn’t always easy, giving Danny more to contend with than just breaking into show business. So when I was working with the producers putting together key art ideas for this one, the strapline ‘Life in comedy isn’t always so black & white’ seemed doubly important.

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