I always try to push my creativity and imagination whenever I approach a new project. Lately I have been experimenting with a cool illustrative style that I think definitely pops.

My first outing with this unique art style was when I was asked to create two limited edition posters for Paul Hyett’s Howl. I’m really humbled to say that not only did Hyett and the team like what I came up with, but they’ve done really well on the festival circuit as well, and they’ve led to several other projects that unfortunately I can’t talk about…just yet.


With these illustrated pieces, there’s more attention paid to vibrant contrasting colours and macabre imagery that you can’t really replicate with photographed models.

I think the reason this style resonates with people is that it’s so retro and nostalgic. For me especially, it harks back to those classic horror movies from the 80s. Think of the posters for things like Re-Animator, From Beyond and Return of the Living Dead and you’ll know exactly what I mean. There’s something so cool-looking about them that makes everyone who sees them remember an earlier time in their movie-watching lives.

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Mondo line has certainly seen a lot of popularity with a similar style; everything from Metropolis, Robocop and Creepshow, to Wall-E, The Master and Mad Max: Fury Road has been given the Mondo treatment.


The reason I love this style so much is that it paints a different picture of modern films than many of us are used to. For me, creating these posters takes time—and a lot of it. Hard work goes into pulling out a film’s key themes and making them work in the context of a single shot. But of course hand illustrating everything takes up the most time by far.

However, when looking at the end result, the effort is definitely worth it. I’m really happy with the ones I have created, and other people seem to be as well.

For something a little different, and especially for genre productions or potential cult projects, an illustrated poster really does go a long way. Please contact me if you’d like to find out more.