Corin Hardy’s new film The Hallow is due to premiere at Sundance and the general public has just seen sight of the gloriously creepy teaser poster, courtesy of yours truly, through industry titan Empire and Dread Central.

Previously known as The Good People and The Woods, I worked closely with the marketing team, as well as Hardy, coming up with the original run of artwork as well as these new pieces.

“It’s an honour to have our teaser poster for my first film, The Hallow (formerly working-titled ‘The Woods’), brought to the world via Empire,” Hardy has been commenting, “Getting into Sundance feels like the perfect place to unleash it, crawling from the darkness and into the cinema. I hope Empire readers enjoy the ride when the film arrives next year, but until then, a word of warning – especially for any readers living close to any forest or stretch of woodland…The Hallow are coming for all you hold dear.”